Resident Beavis (Classic ClappingFetus 2003)

(Originally uploaded to Newgrounds on January 14, 2003. This Episode 1 and 2 combined version was made for Ebaumsworld.)

Due to an accident Beavis has found himself trapped in Racoon City and has stumbled upon the Racoon City Police Department where things are about to get weird. To everyone who has ever been a fan of this video I am sorry that I never finished the series. My website started gaining significant popularity at the time that I created this. Between that and struggling through high school (not to mention absurd amounts of weed smoking) I just didn’t have the time. The rise in popularity was due in part to this video and because of Ebaum contacting me about adding Resident Beavis along with a link to my site to the front page of Ebaumsworld. This skyrocketed my daily traffic and my website got featured in brief segment on G4TV which sent my traffic to a level that neither I or my server was prepared to handle. This pretty much turned all of my attention to the site (which I still run by myself) and with no one around with skills I needed to help me I had to pick one thing and give it 100%. Soo long story short, I shifted all of my focus to website duties and graphic design. I trickled out a few more animations and I started making music videos.

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