UPDATE: You can get the game completely FREE buy printing the cards your self.  Just visit the Cards Against Humanity website for the printable PDF version.


cards Cards Against Humanity… This game was truly made for horrible people and I love it!

So, I have this problem where I compulsively buy random board games and card games. Then to make matters worse I will wait months before I ever play any of them.  To redeem myself I have been trying out a lot of new tabletop games lately as well as revisiting some old ones (Magic) and I have found one that stands out to me beyond any tabletop party game I have ever played.


Cards Against Humanity is basically a game of questions and answers. One person pulls a question card and everyone else answers it with the funniest or most offensive answer card in their hand. Then the question giver chooses the answer they like the best and that person gets a “cool point”. All you have to do to win is setup an arbitrary number of cool points to play to, crack open a beer, and free your mind of all moral boundaries. You can come up with all kinds of horribly fucked up combinations like, Question: “What did I eat for breakfast this morning?” Answer: “A Super Soaker Full of Cat Pee”.

Here are a few more examples of the kind of shit you can get into:


After reading those cards you should have a pretty good idea whether or not this game is for you but I say if you have even the smallest bit of interest in this game you should give it as try because it will be an experience you will never forget. Good times ahead!

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Cards Against Humanity Review


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