Florida school board shooting and suicide (Video and Different Angle)

On Tuesday December 14th, 2010, Clay Duke, a 56 year old Panama City, Florida resident walked into a school board meeting carrying a gun declaring he is going to die today. Following  his dramatic entrance where he preceded to draw the V for Vendetta symbol on the wall he then ordered everyone in the room to leave except the 6 men behind the large desk. He then begins to talk about his wife being fired from her job and apparently one of the men behind the desk had signed off on it. The men obviously scared for their lives plead with him to tell them his story and why he is doing this and who exactly his wife is. Instead of doing any of those things he starts talking about the taxes and at this point you begin to realize he doesn’t really have a clue why he is there but he clearly wants to die. He then draws his gun and opens fire directly on the school board members and amidst the chaos he falls to the floor having been shot by a guard. This is where the video freezes and you are left with only audio of several more gunshots. I assume he was either killed by the guard or while he was on the ground suffering from the multiple gun shot wounds he shot him self in the head effectively ending the nightmare of Clay Duke. Since the story has spread there have been multiple videos claiming to have the full video with the suicide but after hours of searching the darkest depths of the internet I can honestly say that is definitely hasn’t been released yet. However here is the longest and most complete video I can find along with another separate angle shot closer to the action.



Apparently after all the smoke had settled everyone realized he was using a clip full of blanks and had no intentions of killing anyone except himself. He also had live rounds inside his jacket pocket to off himself if the cops didn’t kill him first. In the splurge of news following the incident it came to everyone’s attention that he had posted his suicide note on Facebook. Here’s that note.

So apparently he was batshit crazy and had a thing for the movie V for Vendetta or possibly he was an avid 4chan member.

So let us all take a moment of laughter and rejoice there is one less dumb asshole in the world.

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  • Derek

    Thankfully no one got killed. Except for the inhuman piece of white trash that had the gun.

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